Tim Smithers: On designing and preparing research publications


18 June 2013 · 14:00 ·

Abstract: Communicating well research outcomes is a       basic and integral part of doing good research.  I will       present and explain a multi-step process I have been       using with researchers that leads to consistently good       research publications. About Tim Smithers: I have over thirty years of research experience in postgraduate teaching, PhD supervision, directing and managing research, and international collaborations, from the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Brussels, Sydney, the University of the Basque Country, University of Navarra, University of Mondragon, and several Technology and Science Research Centres here in the Basque Country. I now work as a freelance research consultant.  My research interests are currently in Tele-Presence Robots and Strategy and Policy Design.  However, most of what I do comes under Research Quality Support: working with researchers--from Lab Directors to PhD students--in different parts of the world, to improve and sustain the quality of the research they do.